Hektorapps was founded in November 2012 by Maarten Aerts and Thibo Ravoet. We develop games and software for mobile devices, more specifically for Android devices, and are located in Leuven, Belgium.

Hektor, prince of Troy

Hektorapps tries to develop quality-software. And of course we work by some standards...

Hektor was a Trojan prince in Greek mythology and faught for Troy in the Trojan War. Son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, descendant of Dardanus and Tros - founder of Troy -, married to Andromache, and heir of the royal throne.

Hektor never gave up on the Trojans. We do not give up on our games. You can expect new content and bugfixes from us, so you can keep playing!

Loved by the people
Just as Hektor was loved by his people, Hektorapps tries to do the same. While we will not be beheading Greeks, we are trying to produce true quality games. We want to stand above the ordinary jibber-jabber and add value to the Google Play app store.

Dynamic and young
Hektorapps focusses on producing fun apps, especially games. We will not publish boring apps such as apps that will tell you the time until your workday finishes or that organise your schedule more efficiently.


Maarten (22 years old) is a business engineer. The combination of an entrepreneurial spirit and programming knowledge has been really handy! Maarten takes care of the marketing and public relations (business aspect of Hektorapps), but also designs the graphics for the games and does the coding when necessary.
Thibo (24 years old) is a computer engineer with a passion for programming. He is the main coder of Hektorapps and always has good insights on gameplay and game design. Wakes up at 4 AM to work on our apps and drives cattle in his free time.